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Pokemon XY Collab Comic!
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Full Drawing with BG
Full drawing, shading and all, with any type  of background you wish to choose! You also have the option of adding the blur effect (makes the lines a bit less sharp) or honestly, any other effect you want, just ask! Can be up to 2 characters, and costs 5 points per additional character.
(If you include additional characters, please send the extra points to my donations box!)

Examples: Toluthin Antenna by Shrew-WiFi  DEMON CUDDLE by Shrew-WiFi Alice :CM: by Shrew-WiFi Angel Wings:CM: by Shrew-WiFi 
Full Drawing, No BG
Full drawing, shading and all, but with any plain colored background or transparent background of your choice. You also have the option of adding the blur effect (makes the lines a bit less sharp). Can include up to two characters, and costs 5 points per additional character.
(If you include additional characters, please donate the extra points to my donation box!)

Examples: THE MOST MAGICAL TRAINERS IN KALOS by Shrew-WiFi Fences :Redraw: by Shrew-WiFi  
Flat Color
Flat colored drawings can either have a plain colored background of your choice, or a transparent background! You also get the option of the blur effect (makes the lines a little less sharp) and can be up to 2 characters. Additional characters cost 5 additional points.
(If you do include additional characters, pay me the extra points in my donation box!)

Examples: Pokemon Ginka Doodles by Shrew-WiFi Please don't cry by Shrew-WiFi Toomuchpaint by Shrew-WiFi 
Lineart comes with shading (if you want it) and can be up to 3 characters! Any additional characters cost 5 additional points!
(If you do want additional characters, pay me the extra points in my donation box!)

Examples: Boop by Shrew-WiFi  (Except not colored at all, only shading not gray tones...sorry, my only example!)
Stickers cost 30 points per set of two characters. This can include their pets (so long as they're tiny), and each additional character costs 5 points. All stickers come with transparent backgrounds, and if you need them resized for you then I'll try my best!
(If you do include additional characters, please send the extra points to my donations box!)

Examples: Trainer stickers by Shrew-WiFi Meganium Sticker by Shrew-WiFi I'mBadAtTitles :CM: by Shrew-WiFi 
Pixels (Flat Color)
Pixels of anything you want (Although I'm best at humans or Pokemon) flat colored, no shading. Come with transparent backgrounds, and are 5 points per additional character (not including small "pets") and animated (aside from blinking) is an additional 5 points.
(If you do include additional characters or animation, please send the extra points to my donations box!)

Examples: Matching Icons by Shrew-WiFi (Old example!)
Pixels (Full Colored)
Pixels with full shading and all, with transparent background. Costs 10 points per additional character(not including small pets) and an additional 10 to animate it (aside from blinking).
(If you include additional characters or animation, please send the extra points to my donations box!)

Example: All the Denyings by Shrew-WiFi Animated Pixel Thingy by Shrew-WiFi Chiaki Pixel by Shrew-WiFi 
For Pixel Icons:
Costs 10 points for pixel icons, and an additional 5 for animation (aside from blinking.)

For regular drawn icons:
Costs 5 points (send them to my donation box, do not use this to pay). If you want it animated, it will cost 10 points, and you can use this widget to pay.

Please specify which type you want! If you add animation for additional points, please pay the extra points in my donations box! Also, this is for group icons OR regular ones!

Examples: Group Icon by Shrew-WiFi Trainericonsagain by Shrew-WiFi Matching Icons by Shrew-WiFi 
Animation (1-5 Seconds)
For a 1-5 second long animation costs 40 points. The most I will do is flat colored animation with a simple background, any more than that will cost an additional 20 points.
(If you do choose to pay an additional 20 points, please pay the extra points to me in my donations box!)

Examples: Lazy Animation Thing by Shrew-WiFi Eevee Thingy :GIF: by Shrew-WiFi Some animation thing Idunnoman by Shrew-WiFi 
Animation (5-10 Seconds)
A 5-10 second long animation costs 70 points. The most I will do is flat color with a simple background. If you want it to be more complex with shading and an actual background and whatnot, it costs an additional 30 points.
(If you choose to pay the additional 30 points, please pay the extra points in my donations box!)

I will NOT do an animation longer than 10 seconds~

Examples: No examples yet, sorry! (You might be able to see some on my Youtube if you ask me?)


Shrew-WiFi has started a donation pool!
7,292 / 100,000
Thanks to all who donate/commission~! (This is also where the additional points go for commissions~)
CO: Wildfur365 by Flashpelt1.:Contest Prize:. Wildfur365 by BarrelDog
^^^ By Flashpelt1 & BarrelDog
Just because by Shrew-WiFi
id by skeletonking999
^^^By skeletonking999

Pixely Shrew Animated Christmas gift by CrimsonStorm-Pegasus
^^^By CrimsonStorm-Pegasus :heart: .u.
Rendezvous? by Shrew-WiFi

1. Taiyo-DeFurei(note)[EXCUSED] Kai(left), N(mid), Taiyo(right);Kai around neck, Taiyo on arm
2. HeicanStars (note)[PAID] Her and her boyfriend, stickers
3. HeicanStars (note)[PAID] Her and her boyfriend, full drawing
4. YumeOnii (Finished) [PAID]
5. Karire (message) [PAID] Full drawing of Matt

:bulletyellow:I'm taking commissions until all 10 slots are filled! Once the current slots are finished, I'll move on to these~ For a better explanation, see the commission info sheet!

1. SOCKSarePURPLE (message) Pixel of Chase
2. piaowsek (widget) [PAID] Dan and Phil fan art, full drawing
3. coolspyro17 (widget) [PAID]Sk and his pet Yankee, sticker
4. Kenjisama (note) Two girls wrestling, full drawing
5. KyokiTheDamned (widget) [PAID] OC Sora listening to music
Commissions on hold:
1. None!~

*If I don't finish your commission within two weeks of payment and you're first on the list, PLEASE bother me until I actually do it, otherwise you might have to wait VERY long amounts of time! D:

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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
:bulletyellow:My Pokemon comic for X and Y!

:bulletyellow:I am now taking requests for Pokemon stickers! PLEASE read the rules here:…

:bulletyellow: All commission info is at the top left of my page, and in the commissions widget!

:bulletyellow:None as of right now~

TO-DO: 1)Finish Commissions, 2) Finish the next Ceux Brillants page, 3) More adopts maybe?

My Alternate account is Artsy-WiFi! If you follow this account, I'd really appreciate that you follow that one too, it's mainly for adoptables now though .u.

If you're reading this right now, I don't understand why. ._. But I'm Wi-Fi, but you can call me Shrew or Wi-Fi. Oligo481 came up with the nickname Wi-Fi forever ago, so thank you friend~
I mainly draw anime styled people, plus the collab comic me DespairingHope and CrimsonStorm-Pegasus are working on, and of course Commissions! I might draw things other than people every now and then, but it's pretty much only people!
If you ever do comment or note me, I do my best to reply, but I'm afraid I might not reply right away. I have a habit of putting of replies when I'm not sure what to say. D: But really, don't be afraid to talk to me. After all, I'm probably much more awkward than you. I can promise you that much for sure. :iconlazycryplz:
Also, I'd REALLY appreciate it if you commissioned me or gave me points in general, it's really my only way of getting money without feeling bad for pestering my parents. :heart: If you ever donate points, or use the commissions widget to give me money, you're the most awesome person in the world and you're probably a really neat friend~ And if you ever bought me a poster sized print ohmygod I would worship the ground you walk on.

Favourite style of art: Anime, digital~

Favourite cartoon character: None really~

RP Friends/Partners or awesome people in general:
SOCKSarePURPLE/SocksandInk A fellow RP friend, lives in a place with bagged water but is nonetheless an awesome friend.
Elefanto22 Another fellow RP friend, also lives in a place with bagged water~
Oligo481 ANOTHER fellow RP friend, who should actually talk to us more. :icondidyoujustplz:
DespairingHope One of my best friends in real life, amazing artist askdfldf seriouslywatchherplease. Also my collab partner in our XY comic!
KaylaVampShadows A friend in real life, real neat person~
MsPyro A freaking amazing person in general, who keeps complimenting me andembarrassingme. Stopthatwoman.
TouchMyLexicon123boo Bestfrienddddddddddddddd, usually have random conversations and whatnot~
CrimsonStorm-Pegasus My WONDERFUL boyfriend that you should all go watch. .u. (Also another collab partner in the XY comic!
KarireANOTHER friend/semi-collab partner in the comic (she helps with the French stuff~) but is nonetheless awesome~

:heart::iconshrew-wifi::iconcrimsonstorm-pegasus: :heart:
So on a sidenote, I found out that Cry was the last to die in that Diablo III RoS Competition, and I'll all happy about it now~ Especially seeing how he can fuck up so easily in his usual let's plays, but then the competition him and Mark were last to go. XD

Butttttt anyways, back to the point.

If anything, I'm aiming to be home by the end of this month, at latest a few days into May. I have to work really hard on school and everything still, even if I'm not doing so well right now,, it's just something I need to do. Preferably before my Mom comes back, but I can only control so much. I have to be prepared to deal with all the fucked up shit that comes with going back to Mom and grandma and all of the bullshit that's scarred me in that home. So, I guess in a fucked way, school shouldn't stress me out so much. Maybe it stresses me out subconsciously (first time I've spelled that right btw, so proud) that I have to deal with everything again and come back from that mental vacation, but...I have to help my grandma I guess. I don't know. I hope shit doesn't go down how I'm afraid it will. :iconrazycryplz:

But, being home soon means no more school, and I can do what I like during the day for the most-part. In otherwords, I can start up commissions again, and I can pay you guys back for the points you paid me, okay? I can also start with the Ceux Brillants comic again, it's just difficult to keep that up above anything. I just want so badly to improve, to get a consistent style going, before I do the next pages, but at the same time I'd like to get them out more quickly. Ah, I dunno, I'll work with it. I've been practicing and I'll continue to practice, and at this point I feel no shame in looking at manga tutorials for anatomy and face structures. Because fuck it, if I want to shape my style up more, then I have to learn and study more, so no sense in feeling shame for assisting myself. Ehhhh I'm rambling again.

To shorten things up, by the time a month has passed I should be back into normal routine again with commissions and pages and whatnot. Once I get home, I hope I can keep doing these things.

Really though, thanks for being so nice and everything. You're all so sweet I just can't asdfghjkl; :iconlazycryplz: It really is helpful and all, just getting to talk about random things, although I'm really sorry if I don't respond back to conversations...I still haven't broken that habit yet. :iconguaahplz: If anything though, now I have you guys as motivation to to finish up school as quickly as I can, so maybe that can help me. Eh, I can only hope everything at home will be okay now.

Well okay, I guess that's all for now. .u. I don't know how I went from being happy to bothered to cheerful, but sure whythefucknot. I'll take it, I don't need another night of getting all upset~ I'm still super bored and not tired though, so I'll just have to find a way to amuse myself until I'm ready to sleep. (It's 2:30AM, I really should sleep //sob)


And on another sidenote, if you ever bought me something from Cry's shop or Cry related I think I'd automatically owe you my life jesusfuckingshit

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WolfieHailie 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Just passing through to say you're AWESOME!! And I hope you know it!! :iconchuplz:
Shrew-WiFi 13 hours ago  Student General Artist
Ahhhhh asdfghjkl; thank you~ :iconblushplz: You are too, firend!~
WolfieHailie 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
You totally deserve it! :D
Here's some more awesome!
Shrew-WiFi 13 hours ago  Student General Artist
*Is showered in confetti and glitter* :iconsuperblushplz:
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SocksandInk Apr 9, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the watch and llama, friend! 
I knew I could rely on you. //single tear
Shrew-WiFi Apr 9, 2014  Student General Artist
No problem friend, it is my duty as a //clumsy salute
You can always rely on me. But not Luke, he's an egg. :iconguaahplz:<
SocksandInk Apr 9, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fellow friend, it is an honour.  //clumsy embrace
Yeah, man, what a loseregg. A handsome loseregg but still a loseregg. 
Shrew-WiFi Apr 9, 2014  Student General Artist
I have been bestowed by such honor. I cannot handle it. //dramatic faint
The most handsome loser egg, and the most eggiest loseregg.
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JadeTrent Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch :D
Shrew-WiFi Apr 4, 2014  Student General Artist
No problem~
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